Insisting on "Client First", Dedication to Service Excellence

At China Universal, we respect the implied contract that is the spirit of the fund management business. It is paramount that we not only strive for superior returns for our clients, but that we are also honest, fair, and accountable to our clients. Two complementary ways to achieve this are through continuous workplace-improvement and regular investor education.

Workplace improvement is focused on enhancing performance and controlling risk. To elevate our performance, we recruit the most promising candidates who share our bottom-up investment philosophy with our research and investment teams. At the same time, we implement strict internal controls and firmly adhere to laws and regulations. With increasing use of the internet for communication and information delivery, we also emphasize information security to ensure the integrity of our own and client data.

We also help clients help us, proactively holding regular investor education seminars. Not only do we help investors become more knowledgeable about wealth management and make informed decisions, but we also gain a better understanding of what our clients truly want and need through their interactions with ourselves and our business partners. We recognize that our clients have diverse needs, and aim to fully satisfy these needs by establishing a rich and comprehensive product line, which includes many innovative products that have redefined the Chinese investment industry landscape.

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