Emphasizing Professional Development, Fostering a Happy Workplace

What makes China Universal an outstanding company is its people. We believe that investing in our people for the long term, ensuring professional development opportunities, and building a happy work place will facilitate our growth and profitability. Each year, we provide over 60 hours of learning opportunities, which include inviting guest speakers to speak on topics ranging from macroeconomics to company case studies, from art to philosophy.

We promote good physical and mental health among our employees, providing many related services and activities including regular checkups and weekly sports days. Many of our guest lecturers are health experts or medical professionals and give practical advice on handling pressure, including dietary advice, controlling habits, and improving thought processes.

To create a happy workplace, it is necessary for us to listen to our employees. We encourage employees to communicate with senior management, promising that everyone who voices their observations or suggestions will receive a detailed email response within 24 hours and an opportunity to personally discuss in more detail within 48 hours. Effective communication with our employees helps to improve teamwork and fosters a harmonious work environment.

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